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Shipping, Delivery, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Rare Plants

What you need to know about your newly acquired rare plant

They are pretty young in their pots so if you are planning to transplant or repot please do it after a month or so, let them adjust to your environment first.

Adjusting to a new environment takes energy and you do not want to stress them while at this stage.

They are already acclimated to our house conditions but we understand yours can be different. They have been growing at 23˚ C (73.4˚ F), 50-60% humidity and ideal light conditions (which they love and enjoy).

Curling or droopy leaves, brown tips, bleaching indicates that there is a drastic change in environmental conditions. Please monitor and adjust accordingly.

Temporary COVID-19 Pick Up

Once we receive you order, we typically process and fulfill our orders within 24-48 hours. Once your order is processed you will receive pick up (445 Rougeau Ave) or delivery information by email. If your order is a rush, please let us know by email at

IMPORTANT: Purchased items can be put on hold for maximum of 7 days from the date of purchase. Any items not picked up after 7 days without communication will be automatically cancelled and refunded for 85%.


We deliver within Winnipeg area only.

Delivery is free on orders $75 or more.


Shipping is available nationwide. One complimentary heat pack is included with your shipment (during winter shipping). *If you require more in your box, you can find them under “accessories” and add them in your cart.

Shipping day is every Tuesday.


All sales on live plants are final. Exchange or returns are not available after pick up or shipping.

Refund for cancelled purchase will be charged 15%.

Questions and concerns regarding your plants when received must be communicated within 24 hours with attached photos.


All shipments will be packaged carefully and securely. Seller shall not be responsible for damage due to shipping issues or delays.


Please note that our Terrariums cannot be shipped and are only available for pick-up or delivery in Winnipeg.


Once we receive you order, we typically process and fulfill our orders within 24-48 hours. Once your order is processed you will receive pick up or delivery information by email. If your order is a rush, please let us know by email at

Home & Office Delivery

Within Winnipeg City Limits

We can deliver 2 to 3 days to your home or office, within the City of Winnipeg free - for qualified purchases or for an additional charge which is determined based on total order amount. Please note that there might be instances when we might deliver earlier than 3 calendar days, providing that this earlier delivery date works for you.

Please contact us first prior to selecting this option at checkout. We want to ensure that we can properly accommodate your delivery timeframe and availability.


1. Please remember that what we are delivering to you or your gift recipient is literally a living thing. While succulents and cacti are generally very hardy plants, they are not meant to be exposed to freezing temperatures (like we have here in Winnipeg 6 out of 12 months a year) for extended periods of time, and really should be avoided as much as possible. Therefore, we need to ensure that we are delivering this to someone who can keep the terrarium at room temperature upon receipt.

2. We are willing to be as flexible as we can in terms of when and where we deliver your order. We understand things come up last minute and that life can get hectic and we will work with you to ensure your order is delivered. However, if a delivery needs to be rescheduled at your request with short notice and you still need it the same day or next day, an additional re-delivery fee of $5 or $10 may apply.

3. We are willing to leave your order with a neighbour, co-worker, security or mail-room employees, but please let us know ahead of time so we can minimize confusion or misunderstanding.

4. A signature is required upon receipt of the order,

Home & Office Delivery

Outside The City of Winnipeg

We are willing to deliver to municipalities around Winnipeg and even elsewhere in Manitoba. Please contact us for delivery dates/times and delivery costs. Our goal is to get to you one of our products, and not to make profit on delivery charges. Thus, we will calculate delivery fees based on distance.

Online Shopping Terms & Conditions

The following applies to all orders.

You must ensure that all information provided by you in relation to your order is accurate, complete and up to date. We will communicate with you about your order and the purchased product(s) using email and by phone. You must provide a valid email address to us for this purpose.

We go to great lengths to ensure that a high degree of care has been taken in creating your terrarium with healthy plants and good soil conditions. Due to the fact that your new terrarium or plants are living things, returns, refunds or exchanges cannot be accepted, nor can the lifespan of your terrarium or plants be guaranteed. If you have any questions or concerns about your purchase, please contact us at 


Have a question that hasn't been answered here?


Please email us at and we'd be more than happy to assist you!

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