String of Dolphin 🐬


This succulent develops leaves that quite literally look like tiny jumping dolphins. Growing dolphin plants as household selections adds a touch of oceanic ambiance, combined with ease of care and unique leaf forms.


  • String Of Dolphins
  • Senecio
  • Delightful, easy-care plant with foliage that resembles a frolicking pod of tiny dolphins. The stems emerge upright and then gradually arch over to trail down the container. Under ideal conditions may produce small pink flowers. Also known as: dolphin necklace, dolphin plant, jumping dolphins, and flying dolphins.
  • The ideal location is somewhere the foliage can be allowed to cascade, such as in a hanging basket, macrame hanger, or on a plant stand. The perfect plant for a sunny windowsill. Can be placed outdoors in warm months or frost-free regions.
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    Please note that since all the plants we sell are real, living, and natural products, they may vary slightly in size and colour from the images shown.