Epipremnum Pinnatum  1  (Dragon's Tail)

Epipremnum Pinnatum 1 (Dragon's Tail)

6” pot

Established soil roots 

-Last picture shows how plant looks when it matures.

Epipremnum Pinnatum (Dragon's Tail)
An extremely rare, beautiful plant in the same family as raphidophora tetrasperma.
A fast-growing aroid.
This is a an easy-care, vining, prolific grower. With it's unique large, dark fenestrated-leaves it's sure to become your favorite!
LIGHT: Medium-Bright indirect. East West, or Bright unobstructed North are best.
WATER: Likes to dry out in-between watering. Water when top 3-4 inches of soil 
is dry.
Growing Tips: Support vines upwards using bamboo stick or moss pole.