Hoya Australis Lisa

Hoya Australis Lisa


4" pot


Hoya australis ‘Lisa’ is an excellent Hoya. It is one of many subspecies of Hoya australis, and in my opinion the best.


The heavily variegated leaves are perhaps the prettiest of all the Hoya varieties. In strong light, this Hoya will produce lovely blooms, but the foliage really can suffer. It will soon recover though, so is worth the short term leaf loss.


The leaves are a feature in their own right, but it has a very strong scent too. I can’t get enough of the heady fragrance, but I have been told by non-addicts that it can be a little too much.

The flowers are pale, bordering on white, with red centres. In comparison to the foliage the flowers appear insignificant, but the scent compensates extremely well.


Hoya australis ‘Lisa’ is a must for your collection. It will reward you for years to come.


Disclaimer: Note that actual product may not appear exactly as shown