Hoya Curtisii (4” pot)

Hoya Curtisii (4” pot)

4” pot, very full and nice🙂

Hoya Curtisii Care

These are easy to propagate plants. If you are a beginner and looking for a Hoya vine, this Curtisii Hoya is pretty suitable for you.

Water Requirement

The water requirement is medium. The basic strategy is to water right after the upper layer of the soil gets dry. We usually estimate a weekly frequency of about three times in summer. On the other hand, colder days reduce the watering requirement to about once a week.
Folks! Make sure you avoid over-watering. Additionally, soggy soil and wet feet are highly unsuitable for this Hoya vine.

Sunlight Requirement

The Hoya curtisii light is the indirect sun to partial shade. You can simply keep it in a sunny window indoor. Alternatively, a dappled shady spot outdoor can keep the plant happy.
Exposure to direct sunlight is harmful to these delicate peeps.


- If the product name has number,
you’ll get the plant in the picture.

- If the product name has no number, plants will be picked randomly. The size of the plant and number of leaves varies from plant to plant.