String of Hearts

String of Hearts


Care tips:


The String of Hearts can endure quite a bit of neglect.  If you notice your plant is dried out and unhappy, give it a good watering and your hearts will perk right back up.


The Right Light

The String of Hearts loves a lot of light. Mine hangs near an East facing window, and is currently just over 5 feet long and filled with hearts and flowers.

Pick the room with the most natural light in your home to grow your String of Hearts. You want to give it lots of bright light, and if possible a couple of hours of direct sunlight in the morning.

Your plant can thrive if it has sufficient light. Without it, it will show you how unhappy it is. The colors won’t be as bright, and the foliage will be sparse with longer empty spaces between the leaves.


Watering your String of Hearts

The String of Hearts plant should be treated as you would care for a succulent. The hearts store water, so there is no need for very frequent waterings.


During the growing season in spring and summer, water when the soil is dry. Make sure the soil dries out between completely before watering again. You can water even less in fall and winter.


Type of Soil

Make sure the pot has drainage holes, and the plant is potted in fast-draining cacti & succulent soil. Mixing sand and perlite in with regular potting soil will help with adequate drainage.


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